Our Mission

We inspire youth from all backgrounds to address the rapidly increasing, real-world challenges to the environment and our society presented by the climate crisis. Working as teams outdoors, students learn how to emphasize how to balance the world now. Youth use creative ways to teach the community that the future is in their hands. Increase biodiversity, pollinator and wildlife habitat to build community resilience in the time of rapidly changing climate. In this project, we will use the “Pollinator in a Pickle” jeopardy game, rap song, and associated curriculum to encourage audiences to realize that humans are dependent upon and responsible for preserving a healthy environment.


Nature study, outdoor education, experiential learning, respect for the Earth, teamwork. We believe responsible people have the power to effect positive change, and gain a wealth of new skills.


Meadowscaping designs and delivers engaging and empowering out-of-school-time with outdoor environmental education programs that help students, grades 2 through 12, experience STEAM disciplines (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math).


Empower young people to restore the past (a biodiverse environment) through a community awareness campaign to ensure the future (habitable planet).