The Youth Environmental Entrepreneurship Program (YEEP) is an experiential, summer-time environmental enrichment program designed to empower teens, age 15 – 19, to act positively for the environment and themselves. Teams of high school students, guided by college mentors, will learn about business, biodiversity, environmental justice, and climate change.  They will then build a service business where they sell native plants and install native-plant gardens for property owners—residents, businesses, and city — within their community.  This year we are offering the program to youth in Belmont, Cambridge, Waltham, Watertown, and Arlington.

Meadowscaping for Biodiversity is a native plant landscaping business. Our goal is to increase biodiversity and restore ecological health by planting functional gardens that provide habitat for essential pollinators and birds. In the late spring and fall (after school/Saturdays) and during the summer, we hire students (15 and older) to become subject experts while planting native plant gardens. We say that students learn, earn, and return. You get your hands dirty, learn how to be a responsible employee and team player, and have fun. And you’re helping save the Planet. In the summer, we start work around 7 a.m. to beat the heat.

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